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Male Strippers in Madison

Looking to spice up your birthday, divorce, graduation, or most importantly, bachelorette party? We got the hottest Madison male strippers that can take care of that!

Whether you’re celebrating the end of a toxic relationship or organizing the bachelorette party of the century in Madison, our group of male exotic dancers and strippers are prepared to help you forget the unpleasant memories and simply have a nice time for the evening. Here at Striptainers, our male revue and male strip shows deliver, assembling the best male strippers from all over the world, bringing their gorgeous accents and boy-next-door fantasies.

The best part is that it’s okay if you can’t make it to one of our male strip clubs. We can send private Madison male strippers to your house, place of business, or hotel room. We can provide surprise appearances while bringing the energy of the male strip clubs right to your celebration. Get in touch with us to learn more!

Male Strippers in Madison
Madison Male Strippers



It’s all about the men! You can take a look at a few of our dancing group’s Madison male strippers. They represent the best looks, bodies, and personalities from all over the world. They are eager to entertain you at our upcoming male revue shows.


For our concerts, we don’t just pick any male stripper. All of our male exotic dancers are highly fit, properly trained, and committed to providing excellent service. They adhere to a weekly preparation routine that includes working out, eating healthfully, practicing dance moves, and tanning, so they can meet all of your entertainment needs.

Oh, and our dancers also have wonderful personalities. In front of a crowd or at home, they are skilled at courting, dining, and wooing you. In order to create our male revue in our city, we exclusively employ complete Madison male strippers. They are capable of more than just bragging to you about their toned abs.



Every week, we offer private parties and weekly male revues in Madison. We provide a variety of booking options for your home, business, or even restaurant if you want to have a quick look at one of our male strippers. We are aware that there are many possibilities available when you search for “Madison male strippers.” But we’ve gone above and beyond to make every effort to make things work in your favor, locating agents who will warm the hearts of all bachelorette parties.

We are pleased to provide further information about how the hot male strippers of Striptainers may support your celebration if you have any inquiries.


Birthday celebrations only occur once a year as well, so you should plan a memorable evening. Our dancers won’t let you down because all of our Madison male strippers are prepared to perform for any occasion, including the busy wedding season. So that you don’t pass up this opportunity, call us today!

Private Parties: We are aware of how difficult it may be to organize a bachelorette party in Madison or a girls’ night out. Numerous factors need to be taken into account. So let us take care of it for you and help you host the best bachelorette party you’ve ever had in Madison by bringing the strippers to YOU! In order to make the woman of the hour feel like a complete goddess, our male strippers will appear in costumes representing firefighters, police officers, cooks, physicians, and other professions.

Are you a weekly male revue fanatic of Magic Mike? Do you desire to witness dancers that are hot, gleaming, and well-oiled strut their thing and demonstrate their abilities up close and personal? Our male stripper crew arrives with the kind of dancing you’d expect to see in Madison, thanks to professionally trained strippers from all over the world and with a diversity of backgrounds.

This is because we only want to give our audience the best male revue entertainment in Madison. As our dancers enter the stage and engage with every single spectator, sit back and be ready to be completely astounded. Yes, you will interact closely with these entertainers, but isn’t that what you want?

Avoid wasting time. Book a ticket from us today to attend our male revue show as soon as possible.


Birthdays occur only once a year. Our group of Madison male strippers are aware of this, so they are prepared to give their all on stage or during a unique, personalized encounter in your hotel room.


Enjoy your time while we organize a bachelorette party that you and your friends won’t soon forget. Our most seductive male dancers, who will make your night unforgettable, will be found for you along the route. We can assist you with making dinner reservations, limo arrangements, hotel accommodations, and of course, our male strippers, who can visit you in your hotel room in Madison. We are a crew with strong ties to the nightlife and we are not ashamed to admit it.


A specific occasion is not required to let loose and have a good time! We want you to feel like the lady you were born to be, and that’s what our Madison male strippers performance is all about. Give our hot male strippers of Striptainers the freedom to entertain and seduce the crowd while performing flawlessly on stage. No matter where you are, we can send the strippers to you and your lady group.


Get wild with some of the world’s best masculine specimens after leaving your nasty hubby. You can choose from any of our Madison male strippers so that you can forget about your problems and rediscover the person you were meant to be. We are delivering the male stripper pleasure right to you since we understand how stressful divorces can be.


Please contact us if you need assistance organizing your upcoming sizable bachelorette, divorce, or birthday celebration. Your night deserves to be unforgettable, even if it’s only a girls’ night out. For this reason, we are urging everyone to get in touch with our staff right now. Our Madison male strippers can tailor their performance just for you.

Bonus: Did you know we can assist you in finding regional discounts on lodging, dining, and city tours? No one is more knowledgeable about Madison than our crew of male strippers there!

To find out more about what we can offer you, visit our blog on male strippers. Don’t be afraid to contact us because our connections to nearby Madison companies are unmatched. The next time you’re in town, stop by Striptainers and meet our local Madison male strippers.


Do the strippers go completely naked?

Yes, our Madison male strippers can absolutely get fully naked! We have three options for the Full Monty.

How do I hire a male stripper for a private event?

If you’re looking to hire Madison male strippers then simply go to our Reservations page. If you have any questions, you can call, text or email us by going to our Contact page.

How can I become a male stripper?

If you’d like to become one of our Madison Male Strippers then simply google “exotic entertainment Madison” and you’ll find a listing for Wild Entertainment. Click on that and you’ll come to the website where you will find EMPLOYMENT in the MAIN MENU. Follow instructions from there 😉

What are your male strip shows like?

Our male strip performance comprises of what you would see in a 4-D version of Magic Mike. Many hot males dancing about in various costumes. The male strippers will enter the crowd, giving audience members the chance to get “hands-on” and involved if they so choose. Otherwise, it is a cross between a regular strip club and a Broadway production.

What is your refund policy regarding show tickets?

Contact our office for more info as every venue has different rules regarding refunds and exchanges.

What other type of exotic entertainment do you offer?

There are lots to do in Madison but nothing is more fun than hiring Madison male strippers! You can find lots of exotic entertainment for women and LGBT by visiting Wild Boyz Entertainment (a division of Wild Entertainment).

Where can I find or leave a Google Review?

It’s super easy! Just google “Madison male stripper” and click on the local listing for Wild Entertainment. There you will see our Google Reviews. As of July 21, 2023, we have 98 reviews and average 4.8 stars out of 5.

How do I contact your office?

We would absolutely love to hear from you. To find out more about our Madison male strippers and male revue shows, please call or text us at 702-779-3470 or visit our Contact page.