My Stats
  • Height: 6′
  • Weight: 240
  • Hair: Dark Brown
  • Eyes: Hazel
  • Ethnicity: Italian / Costa Rican
  • Location: Las Vegas, NV
  • Languages Spoken: English and a little Spanish
Hi! I’m Jersey.  I’m originally from New York and now I’m in Las Vegas.  

I studied business management in college.  I’m very athletic and enjoy working as a personal trainer and football coach. I love working out and competing in fitness contests.  I won the Men’s Open at the Dennis James show in Arizona recently.

I love traveling, dancing, art, history, holistic spa and massages, fitness and astrology.  I’m also studying videography and cryptocurrency.

I love to create. My dream is to write and produce movies one day.

As a Fantasy Date, I know what women want and how they want to be treated.  I’m old fashioned. I like to open doors for women and carry their bags.  I am a handyman and can fix anything 😉 

I’m also very sensual, compassionate and I truly care about a woman’s feelings and desires.

My Costumes
Football player
Cinco Dey Mayo Mexican
Army dessert storm
Hotel security
Christian GREY
Naughty Santa

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Customer Reviews
Eunice 25th Birthday
JERSEY is the best! We came to Vegas with a group of 27 for my girlfriend Eunice 25th Birthday. 

Eunice is shy and timid, just like the rest of us. We are all Korean and were raised to be classy women always. It was Eunices first time in Vegas and around a male stripper. We got a package with Wild’s Party Bus for her and us to enjoy!

We asked Jersey to take it easy with her and go PG-13 and classy. He danced so sexy and played fun games and was completely hand off but had all the sex appeal in the world. He so damn yummy ! We never seen a man that looked like that and moved like that in our entire lives. Jersey is truly has a gift from heaven 🙂

Gloria's 44th birthday
It was Gloria’s 44th birthday. We decided to go to Vegas and surprise her with a stripper. She is a doctor and we all worked in the medical field in Venice, California. 

Jersey had so many routines to choose from. We decided to go with Jersey’s doctor routine. 

Gloria was surprised her doctor’s house call turned to best display of real life human anatomy. His muscles were unreal and lets just say he had the full package. His moves and dancing were incredible.

At the end he gave Gloria a signed personalized autograph picture of him for her to remember him by. We all posed for pictures with him and our girlfriends back home and at the office were jealous! 

Our girlfriends are planning another event in Vegas for their cousins wedding and they are going to have Jersey do another routine for them! 

We are glad that we chose Jersey 🙂

Stacy's Birthday during the Superbowl
One of the best memories of Vegas is during Superbowl weekend . All the men were all about watching the game at the Circa pool.

But it was Stacy’s Birthday so us women that came out to vegas while our men decided to stay back at the hotel and have our own superbowl party/ birthday party for Stacy.

We picked Jersey football routine. And boy or should I say MAN!!! We got all football and alpha man we needed. 

Jersey came to the room with a giant megaphone roaring ‘Go Eagles’ which is Stacys the birthday girls favorite team. He had full uniform and pads and a football in hand. 

He threw down the best dance moves! He also always raised his hand out asking for permission for a dance like a gentleman to each lady.

He so damn ripped and strong what a giant man but deep down a sweet loving teddy bear.

He lifted some of us up and down and all the around. Showing us moves like no other. 

We even played a lot of his fun games in addition to dancing. And he had us women do a twerk contest and he had the best music to twerk too.

Jersey Hands Down is BIGGEST SEXIEST MAN that we have ever seen in real life and had the best personality and really cared about us having a good time. We are all counting the days until we go back to Vegas to see Jersey again!

Sasha's bachelorette party
Sasha bachelorette party was set for Vegas. We choose Jersey, he truly looked and was the very best on the menu on Wild Entertainment’s website. 

We chose Jersey’s Police act. Sasha husband to be, is a police officer in Texas. So we knew that she love it and she did. 

We have seen other strippers and strip shows in Vegas and Jersey is truly the greatest! 

Most strippers at private parties come to setup then take 20 minutes in bathroom before dancing. It’s annoying and takes up show time and paid time!

But not Jersey! Knock Knock like the real police. He came in checking IDs because their was a disturbance involving “drugs” lol.. so he arrested Sasha in cuffs and searched her. At first Sasha said after she thought she was really going to jail! 

Jersey’s police arrest was academy award winning. And he let us record the entire thing it got over 3k likes on my instagram story and everyone was inboxing me!

Tonya’s Bachelorette
Tonya’s Bachelorette was the greatest thanks to Jersey. We told him prior to party that we where all black women and that we liked it Wild and X-rated and to go full force.

We choice his Fireman act. The pictures don’t even do this man justice. He is so FINE! In real life he almost had me pregnant, just looking at him and his muscle and that package 😉

Jersey showed up in his fireman outfit and he hosed Tonya with his fire extinguishers squirt gun and had us all wet in the right places.

We are all bigger girls and love a big man. But none of us have been picked up like that with ease and moved around like that. We all loved him, hes truly a great entertainer.

We told him it was so hot and we needed to UPGRADE to his EXCLUSIVE Shower show. 

And XXX he got in the shower Naked and IT GOT WILDDDDDD!!!!!! 

OHH LORD the Memories!

 We love JERSEY 

We coming back soon ! JERSEY part 2!

Cyborg Naughty Robot
We requested Jerseys’ Cyborg Naughty Robot act.

Let me tell you it was worth every penny!  We all worked in Industrial Automation in Wisconsin. So we knew Jen would love this act for her bachelorette party in Vegas.

We cut the lights at our Airbnb and Jersey came to the door rolling in literally like a robot it was crazy cool he wore a Robotic Mask everything was all lit up glowing lights everywhere. His jacket and his gloves and L.E.D Self-Balancing roller all light up and he wore shiny metal pants.

He looked like an Alien Robot and had special cyborg music so futuristic. If that is the future then Jersey abduct me ! Jen was so excited and over joyed. We all felt like we were in a movie. 

Then he started to dance with his great big ripped body. We never seen a big man move like that with such flow and amazing dance moves like no other.

Jersey is the whole damn package he is classy, great sex appeal ,and playful with his fun sexy games that makes you truly interact and enjoy you time with him!

Take me back to Vegas with JERSEY !!!

Hilda’s Divorce party in Vegas
Hilda just got divorced and we had to get her mind off her ex-husband.

We are all Spanish so we loved Jerseys exotic look. He also spoke Spanish and knows how to seduce and treat women like a true Latin queens.

We told him Hilda needed her mind cleared and needed a new beginning. We choose his 50 Shades Of Grey Act.

We tied up Hilda and blinded folded her. Then Jersey came out with his masquerade mask suit and tie and feathered her, used his spank whip, and creamed her with whip cream and poured hot candle wax on himself.

God!!! It was so sexy and all to the soundtrack of the movie. Jersey should have starred in that movie.

At the end to top it all off he did his famous wall ride dance move. Ladies all I can say is I taught my husband that move in bed plus some others I picked up from Jersey’s routine 😉

Ask for Jersey’s 50 Shades of Grey routine and his wall ride you wont regret it!!!


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