Virtual Stripper Parties and Stripograms

What is a Virtual Stripper Party or Stripogram?

A Virtual Stripper party is when you have a stripper entertain you live from their webcam or cell phone!  It’s like having your own personal and private strip show with live interaction! Our sexy Striptainers can perform in front of the camera and interact live with their audience.  Want to see that stripper shake it while calling out your best friend’s name?  Just ask!  Want to see them get naked and do a macarena?  Just tip them!  There are so many fun and crazy things you can do with your Striptainer at a virtual stripper party.

So what is a Virtual Stripogram? It’s when you can have your very own stripper record a fantasy strip show video, live or pre-recorded, for whatever you desire!

Want to surprise your friend with a quick surprise stripshow?  How about a custom striptease video message by your favorite striptainer!

Want to throw a virtual stripper party for your friend because it’s too difficult to throw a big party ? No problem! Looking to have some one-on-one time with a sexy stripper?  Want to test out the goods before he/she entertains your party?  Now you can book a one-on-one hot webcam session and spend some personal time and get to know each other 😉


How much are Virtual Stripograms?

Our Virtual Stripograms cost $300 each and can last up to 30 minutes (gratuity separate).  

To reserve your virtual strip show or stripogram, just book a stripper and follow the rest of our booking instructions.

Feel free to call/text us anytime if any questions, (702) 779-3470.