It’s that time of the year and you were asked by your best friend to throw his bachelor party in SinCity a.k.a. Las Vegas. So what do you do? You find some hot exotic dancers to come entertain of course!

After you’ve done your research and found the best stripper agency and have made your reservation then you need to get ready to prepare for your party before the guests arrive and the strippers come.

So here are some things you can do to prepare for your bachelor stripper party:

bachelor party strippersGet a great loud speaker
You obviously can’t have a party with a bump in some bad ass music so you better get a sort of expensive Bluetooth wireless speaker they can play the music you want to hear. Make sure someone has a phone or iPod to play the music. Make sure you have Bluetooth or the correct audio cable to connect your phone or music device to the speaker. Also make sure the phone is in do not disturb mode so that way the music is not interrupted constantly at during the party because that is super annoying. We recommend a speaker that cost around $2-300 like the JL Audio Xtreme. Those are usually high-quality. It’s also recommended to get extended warranty since most speakers will pop and break right after the original warranty is up.

Hire a maid
If your having a party at your house then make sure you hire a maid or at least you and your friends should spend an hour and get the place cleaned up and looking nice and impressive. You’re hiring beautiful exotic dancers to come party with you and the last thing you wanna do is turn them off by showing them that you are a lazy slob lol. Get on your hands and knees and start scrubbing buddy because you haven’t clean your house in a year but this is one occasion where it definitely pays off to make a good impression. If you’re lucky to be in a hotel room in Vegas then just ask the maid to clean the room ahead of time. Here are some tips if you’re having your bachelor party in Vegas.

bachelorette party strippersMake sure you have plenty of money for tipping
People always wonder how much they should tip the entertainer and it really is quite simple. You want to tip them whatever you feel they are worth and if you’re having a great time then spend accordingly. It is always important to make sure you have plenty of change before the party. There’s nothing worse than having a great time and really liking your entertainer and then running out of money and feeling embarrassed that you can’t tip them or continue to have fun. And the worst case if the entertainer isn’t that great then just hold onto your money! It’s not complicated but remember there isn’t an ATM at your house or in the hotel room and to go grab cash is a pain in the butt and you’re wasting your party time to do that.

Get your drink on!
Parties aren’t really a party if there’s no liquor. Almost everyone enjoys drinking socially at a party and you want to be prepared to have what they want especially the strippers. If the Stripper wants to have a drink then make sure you have plenty of options because a sober stripper can sometimes be a boring stripper. It really just depends on the person but be safe and have drinks available and again the worst case scenario is you might have some unopened liquor bottles left over which is no big deal.

Have party lights
Pretty lights are super cheap and you can get them on Amazon and they can arrive your house in two days for under 30 bucks. They enhance the atmosphere greatly and it’s so important to create the right atmosphere so invest in a couple party lights you will not be disappointed.

So we hope these tips help you plan for your stripper party in the future and whether you’re a bachelor or bachelorette these tips should help make sure you have the party that you’ll never forget for the rest of your life!