Table of Contents

  1. Look for agencies that have a valid business license
  2. Make sure the company has insurance
  3. You want to work with a stripper agency that has a good reputation
  4. Look for videos that prove the stripper is real and actually works for the agency
  5. Watch out for the safety precautions
  6. Look for web sites that rank high on Google
  7. Check out their social media
  8. Conclusion

Look for agencies that have a valid business license

You want to work for a legitimate agency and you don’t want to take a chance on someone who’s running an illegal operation. They’re illegal for a reason. Most of the time they’re just a shady agency trying to scam customers and trying to fool people and as a dancer you don’t work for them so look for someone that has a valid business license. You can find out what they do by asking the agency for evidence and they should send you proof and you can go to the state of Nevada website and check out their LLC. That website is

You can also ask them to see their business license from the county. It’s either Clark County or the city of Las Vegas. Most often it’s Clark County and you can check their license by going to

Make sure the company has insurance

Every business must have insurance.  Point black period.  Otherwise they cannot have a business license.

You want to work with a stripper agency that has a good reputation

Those agencies that have great reputations show it by all their affiliations like:

  • The Better Business Bureau. It’s not easy to have an A+ record with the Better Business Bureau so check out and see if the agency is with them. One stripper agency in Las Vegas that has an A+ rating by the BBB is Striptainers.
  • Look for an affiliation with any kind of local Chamber of Commerce.
  • Also look for a Google business site with positive Google reviews.

You really want to see these reviews either coming from Yelp or Google but even better yet look for video reviews from customers on video giving testimonials for the agency. It’s also nice if the dancers offer testimonials too because that just tells you that these guys are cool.

Look for videos that prove the stripper is real and actually works for the agency

If you go into a stripper agency and it’s just all photos what do you think is going on? They have no way of showing proof or they have nothing to show and that’s because they aren’t the real deal. So look for videos as videos are proof that the people are real. You just want to make sure you don’t sign up with some scary agency that’s trying to scam you.

Watch out for the safety precautions

Does the agency take great care and screening their clients? Do they provide detailed information so you know what to expect when you get to the party and do they verify the customer by gathering their contact info and confirm the location? Agencies that do a great job ask these questions and are detailed. If a customer calls an agency and the agency says “uh yeah I will send the girl or a guy to you right away” and they don’t ask any questions about the party or what you want from him or her for then that’s just one of those agencies that’s going to send you whoever is available and most the time they don’t look anywhere close to the picture you saw so you want be careful with that.

Look for web sites that rank high on Google

Now this isn’t perfect but most web sites on the first page of Google are usually decent in order to be on the first page. Google has some requirements so take this with a grain of salt as there are unfortunately some shitty web sites out there there on the first page. So go back to the first four things and look for the licenses, look for their reputation and look for the video proof and look to see if they’re very detailed. Last but not least..

Check out their social media

Go to their Facebook page, Instagram, Snapchat, Tik-Tok and don’t get suckered by the number of followers and don’t get suckered by the photos. Social media means video and they should have lots of video showing their guys or girls having a good time at the party. And it’s even better when the video shows them saying “Hi my name is so-and-so and I’m with Striptainers in Las Vegas”. That’s how you know they are real so don’t get fooled by the pictures if you’re a customer or a dancer. Take the time find the best agency, it’ll pay off in the end.


Make sure you take the time to do your own due diligence. You don’t want to rush into booking with a stripper agency until you’ve made sure to background check them.  About 90% of stripper agencies are illegal and are operated by criminals.  Check out any stripper website and see if the owner will send you proof of their business license and insurance.  Most of the time they will just ignore you.  Don’t get scammed!  Take the time to check them out.  Don’t be afraid to ask them questions.  Any decent ethical agency will have no problems providing you with answers. Those that don’t give you answers are the one’s to avoid. 

Try an honest stripper agency like Striptainers, which has strippers in las vegas.

This article “How to find a reputable stripper agency in Las Vegas” originated from the Stripper’s Blog.