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How to book a Stripper

Step 1

First go to the stripper’s page and then choose “Length of Time”.

Step 2

Next hit “Add to cart”.

Step 3

Then click on “View cart”

Step 4

Don’t forget to check out our party options such as Party Lights or the Full Monty Ending!

Step 5

If you have a promo code, be sure to enter it here.

Step 6

It’s important to select a few backup options just in case your main dancer isn’t able to make it.  We have a 90% success rate with our dancers, but we still want to be safe.

Step 7

No payment is required to make a booking!  You can pay your entertainer cash upon arrival.  If you wish to pay in advance, just call our office and we can collect payment over the phone or online.

Step 8

Now hit “Place order” to complete your reservation.

Step 9

On the confirmation page, just make sure your reservation details are correct.  If you need to make any changes, just give us a call or send us a text or email anytime!

Frequently Asked Questions

Prices & Options

STRIPTAINER RATES: We have two rates.  30 minutes and 1 hour.  That’s how long the party can last as long as the customers are having fun and tipping.

  • 30 min: Perfect for small groups (under 10 people).  Also great for a quick surprise (stripogram).
  • 1 hour: Good for larger groups (11 and more).  Also the extra time gives you more flexibility.
  • (Want a party that goes for more than one hour? Give us a call us to get a quote.)

PARTY LIGHTS: Want to really set the mood? Purchase one of our party lights! Click here for more info.

FULL MONTY: We offer the “Full Monty Ending”.  Want to see a video example? Click here.

ROOKIE RIDE ALONG: We can provide you with a SECOND dancer for a discount. Call or text us to learn more!

FOOD/DRINK DELIVERY: Cake? Pizza? Ice Cream? Anything you want, we can bring it to you!  Talk about special delivery 😉

How to find the perfect Striptainer
First click on “SELECT CITY“.  Then choose your city.  You can then choose MEN or WOMAN.  You’ll then be taken to the roster page where you will see all of the available guys or girls in your chosen city.  You can also scroll down on your phone (or look to the right on your computer screen) and you’ll see widgets which allow you to search by ETHNICITY, SPOKEN LANGUAGE, NUDITY OPTION, and PRICE RANGE.
What are party add-ons?
Party Add-On’s are an easy way to upgrade your party!  We have party lights, full monty option, the hung club, shower endings, food/drink delivery.. you name it, we can do it!  To learn more, visit our Party Options page.
What if I want to book more than one Striptainer?
Not a problem!  Simply call or text us at 702-907-5019 and we can handle any reservation for two or more dancers.
What if I need to change the date or time later?
Not a problem!  Feel free to read about our Date & Time Change Policy for more information.
When is the best time to make a reservation?
We always recommend the sooner the better.  The longer you wait, the more the chances increase that the dancer you like could be booked by someone else.  Our most popular guys tend to book out 3-6 months out in advance.  So book your dancer as soon as possible.  Remember, we are the ONLY agency that offers date/time changes and a refund policy so you don’t have to worry.